1. Project teams comprised of experienced, qualified, and capable personnel.

2. Equipment and tools are properly maintained, and kept calibrated and operational.

3. Standardization of processes that are sustainable, repeatable, and measurable.

4. Motivation using rewards and disciplinary actions in a consistent manner.

5. Coaching policy adherence and awareness to all team members and subcontractors.

6. Measure success through continuous monitoring of safety EMR and DART ratings.

7. Maintaining a zero-tolerance drug-free workplace.

8. All personnel employed or contracted by A-Plus must meet our safety PPE rules.

9. Incident reporting software will be utilized for reporting and response requirements in the event of near-miss or incident.

10. Maintain required insurance coverage and bonding capacity.

11. Annual, quarterly, and monthly safety training meetings.
Daily “5 Minute Takeaway” meetings.

12. Utilize leading indicators, software solutions, and web-based service providers to produce the right results for our customers’ projects.

13. Subcontractors will be on-boarded through a rigorous prequalification and verification process to ensure all subcontractors meet the requirements and standards.

14. Utilize a Safety Management System. This integrative system tracks the keys to success (Safety, Quality, Performance, and On-Time Delivery).