Contract Specialist

Job Title: Contract Specialist

Job Function: Project Management / Strategy & Planning

Experience Level: Intermediate

Industry Knowledge: Federal and State Government Contract Acquisition and Management

General Requirements:

Manages all aspects of the functional area of contract management, including contract formation, solicitation, negotiations, cost and price analysis, award, contract administration, termination and closeout for a variety of contracts.

Frequently the contract management requires special handling or other specialized terms and conditions due to the high visibility of the contracts.

Performs all necessary acquisition functions in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and other agency-specific guidance.

Plans, develops and establishes long-and short-range procurement plans, strategies and approaches for overall contract acquisition.

Advises Project Manager department in procurement planning meetings of the procurement objectives to be used and explores new or innovative contracting approaches to arrive at equitable contract management.

Performs detailed analysis of all elements of costs in subcontractor proposals and participates in the source section process.

Determines the adequacy of subcontractor’s documentation and prepares contractual instruments in compliance with FAR and company policy or procedures.

Responsible for contract administration functions following contract award throughout the contract life cycle.

Responsible in executing any or all procurement administration of the resultant contracts.

Develops and maintains systems to evaluation and monitor contractual performance.

Monitors and ensures contractor performance in accordance with all terms and conditions of the contract.

Specialized experience required:

Demonstrating experience with multiple contract types to include: firm fixed price (FFP), firm fixed price level of effect (FFP/LOE) time & material (T&M), cost plus fixed fee (CPFF), and level of effect (CPFF/LOB), incentive fee (CPIF) and award fee completion and level of effort contracts (CPAF/LOB), or any combination of the previous.

Processing contract modification documents such as Change Orders, Supplemental Agreements, and Termination Notices to reflect changing conditions during life of a contract.

Advising of legal and regulatory requirements, funding requirements, type of contract, method for acquisition, cost, schedule, and performance incentive plans.

Apply acquisition and contracting policy and regulations in order to advise management on executing a full range of acquisition activities, including pre-award and post award acquisition functions involving highly specialized procurements.

Advise of legal and regulatory requirements, funding requirements, types of contracts methods for acquisition of major systems and support requirements to include cost, schedule and performance, incentive plans and subcontracting and set aside policies.

Collaborate with others to monitor and manage contracts, contractor performance, quality and compliance with contract terms and conditions.

Applies knowledge of Federal, DoD and the Intelligence Community acquisition laws, regulations, policies and procedures to the acquisition and contract administration.

Specifically, you will be evaluated on the following competencies:

1. Organizational Awareness
2. Preparation
3. Advanced Cost and/or Price Analyst
4. Contract Performance Management
5. Oral Communication

Travel Required:

Occasional travel – You may be expected to travel for this position.


Must be a US citizen

Education / Qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree in Business, Accounting, Management


at least 24 semester hours of study from an accredited institution of higher education in any combination of
the following fields: accounting, business, finance, law, contracts, purchasing, or organization and management obtained within or in addition to the bachelor’s degree.


Graduate education in one or a combination of fields listed above.

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